from pre-mounted
reading glasses,
to sunglasses
with maximum UV protection,
without forgetting eyewear for kids,
to whom we propose
an entire collection.



from pre-mounted
reading glasses,
to sunglasses
with maximum UV protection,
without forgetting eyewear for kids,
to whom we propose
an entire collection.

Success is not achieved by having it as the end goal,
but as a consequence of one’s actions.

– Carlo Dodi –

Sunglasses, pre-mounted reading glasses, glasses for kids

The assortment is inspired by fashion trends, without neglecting great classics, thus addressing a rich clientele of varied taste and age targets.

Farmamed Eyewear

Pre-mounted reading glasses

The Farmamed pre-mounted reading glasses offer a wide range of colours and patterns, with a variety of finishes and technical details. The assortment is inspired by fashion trends, but also by classic models intended to reach different age targets.
Our products stand for attention to detail and quality: to protect consumers, we perform tests and analyses on all glasses, to certify their compliance with current regulations.

The importance of compliance with standards

The eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive organs, and that is why eyewear must be selected and guaranteed according to standards established by law.

The features of the gabbiano pre-mounted reading glasses

  • Comfortable frames
  • Flexible opening of temples
  • Aspheric lenses made of organic material
  • Aligned focal centres
  • Interpupillary distance 62mm
  • CE mark
  • Information leaflet attached

Information leaflet

What is an information leaflet? It contains information mandated by the law which must accompany each pair of eyewear. All our products present them in as many as 8 languages.

They include: manufacturer’s data, features of glasses, instructions for correct use and maintenance, and reference statutory standards. This clear and transparent leaflet helps consumers make an informed purchase, in total confidence and security.

Download the Farmamed App and try the glasses!

Farmamed has made an App for virtual 3D testing of glasses!
Thanks to augmented reality technology, with this application it is possible to virtually, but completely realistically, try on Farmamed eyewear models without physically disposing of them.
Thanks to the App, it is also possible:

  • Discover the full range of products, finishes, colors and diopters available
  • know all the technical features of each model
  • Finding the most suitable models for your face shape
  • Take a selfie, which will be automatically saved in the Gallery of your cell phone, so you can look back at any time and choose the model you like best
  • Find the nearest store to your home where you can buy glasses
  • get in touch with us, for any further information

The App is free, downloadable with QR code (found both on product packs and in-store displays) or available on the iOS and Android Stores.

Pursuant to the New Guidelines of the Ministry of Health dated March 28, 2013, regarding health advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and medical surgical devices, the user is advised that the information contained herein is only intended for professionals.

Gabbiano Sunglasses


Gabbiano glasses are made of top quality materials and lenses with maximum UV protection, in full compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and with the standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013/A1:2015. The CE mark guarantees product compliance with EU legislation. All Gabbiano glasses are CE marked, proving that our products meet all the essential requirements contemplated by the applicable directives. The marking is therefore a guarantee that our eyewear has been submitted to the appropriate evaluation procedure before being released to the market.


Eyes are important and even more so is protecting them from harmful UV rays. The Gabbiano sunglasses feature uniform and quality lenses, to ensure maximum protection from ultraviolet rays. The collection also features a variety of models with mirrored lenses, which are submitted to a special treatment which shields the eyes from very intense light.


Here are the moods that inspire the choice of patterns and finishes in our sun collections:

  • CLASSIC STYLE: Lifestyle and unisex eyewear suitable for everyone: from the great classics, such as wayfarers and teardrop aviators, to models with rectangular lenses with a 90s flavor. The colors are also understated and timeless: glossy black, brown and tortoiseshell.
  • FASHION STYLE: Fashion, functionality and elegance come together in perfect balance. Starring some glamorous-looking designs with new cuts, such as the oversized retro square, which complements the more feminine round and slim shapes.
  • COLORFUL STYLE: Color on lenses and details on vitamin frames.

Sunglasses KIDS


Little ones’ eyes are delicate and need to be protected properly and in all light conditions, even when the sky is cloudy!
For Gabbiano, the kids sunglasses collection is a real mission: to create products that are safe, of great quality, functional, but also fun and colorful.
Thanks to a network of certified suppliers, quality products are made, with refined and trendy details, and excellent value for money. All glasses are produced in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and EN ISO 12312-1:2013/A1:2015.
Constant control over production sources and the entire product manufacturing chain is thus aimed at ensuring maximum safety for young children.


Attention to customers is translated by Gabbiano in the constant research of new materials and new product display solutions.
The Kids collection is increasingly eco-friendly thanks to the innovative recyclable cardboard pack in the paper with a button closure.
The use of plastic has been reduced by 90 percent and limited to only two small components (recyclable in plastic) that serve to lock the product inside the pack and ensure its proper display.
On the back are a Radio Frequency anti-theft label and a multilingual information note. Functionality, aesthetics and sustainability characterize all packs.

Origina and unique design

The design of our glasses, created by a team of creative experts, is truly unique, just as unique and fun are the characters that characterize them: classic evergreens, such as the romantic protagonists of Frozen, the heroic Spiderman, the winking Minnie Mouse, and the cute Minions.
For the little ones: Jurassic World Explorers, with its fascinating prehistoric creatures; The Lion King; Spidey, the younger version of Marvel characters; and Gabby’s Dollhouse, with its fabulous dollhouse adventures.
Then again the very sweet Stitch and Wish, which features 17-year-old Asha with her powerful wishes…
These are joined by the fashionable and trendy Jason&Scott Kids models, which wink at the trends of older children.