Health & Personal Care

This was the first para-pharmacy line introduced in the mass market, and it remains to this day a significant presence in all assortments of the main clients throughout Italy.


A rich selection of hair accessories and specific products for body care and wellness.


Design and functionality meet in a wide and rich inventory of accessories for home and kitchen.


A wide range of ready-to-wear pre-mounted reading glasses and sunglasses suitable for all target users.


A wide selection of coordinated sets and accessories to make each event unique and special.

Shoe care line

A wide range of specialized products and accessories for the care and maintenance of all types of
calzatura. footwear.

Gabbiano S.p.A.
A family story

A story made up of women, men, ideas and a lot of work
A long journey that began on the outskirts of a small city in Lombardy, stretching across Italy, and beyond its borders.
A fascinating journey through time, full of information and curiosity.
The adventure of a simple, ingenious and tenacious family that brought success to a company that began from nothing in the 1960s.

For over 50 years, Gabbiano, an Italian family business, has been operating with great success within the Italian market, thanks to sharp and smart foresight, always accompanied by an excellent strategy of investments in human resources, service technology and product innovation.

“A new project is born from intuition,
the desire to do better comes from passion,
respect of customers is born from ethics.
Success, in the end, comes from all this. “

– Carlo Dodi –

Our Brands

Fashion and accessories


Camomilla Milano produces fashion accessories such as bags, wallets, bijoux and hair accessories.



Elison is our brand of hair accessories and products for well-being and daily body care.

Health & Personal Care


Farmamed is the leading brand in Italy for para-pharmaceutical products for personal care in the mass market.