The line of
Perlafesta products
is designed to
entertain children
and adults, to
make their
party unique and special.



The line of
Perlafesta products
is designed to
entertain children
and adults, to
make their
party unique and special.

Success is not achieved by having it as the end goal,
but as a consequence of one’s actions.

– Carlo Dodi –


Many colourful and original products of quality certified to guarantee maximum safety. In line with its most current needs, Gabbiano introduces an interesting novelty for all its packaging, which will feature disposal instructions, in order to help consumers to correctly dispose of waste.

The PERLA FESTA (KIDS and UNBRANDED) products line is designed to entertain children and more, and to make each party unique and special. Many colourful and original products of quality certified to guarantee maximum safety.

Party accessories

Consumers decide to choose more and more accessories for their parties, thanks to which they can give their table an extra touch of magic. Gabbiano has therefore decided to expand its range of party accessories, adding to it modern and captivating products:

  • new PARTY CANDLES, with new colours and designs;
  • innovative latex BALLOONS and birthday Mylar balloons;
  • STICKS & PICKS revisited in shapes and colours.

Thanks to the new packaging, designed to optimize space, it is possible to display many more products and, above all, give them better visibility.

Birthday candles

Thanks to the new packaging, a practical box in transparent plastic, birthday candles have better visibility on the shelf and require a small space. The 2.5 cm thickness of each candle prevents wax from pouring on the cake for as long as the candle remains lit.

Mylar Balloons

These balloons are made of very light polyester sheets that are layered on top of one another, thus giving the balloon a reflecting and shiny surface. Unlike latex balloons, they are not elastic and can only assume the shape determined at the time of their manufacture. These balloons are easily inflated by mouth thanks to the practical straw that has been inserted into the package. Once inflated, each balloon measures 35 cm.

Perlafesta Compostable

Perlafesta ComposTable is the new line of compostable products.
The aim is to create engaging and original flair characterized by style and semplicity, but Gabbiano efforts have been focused in the search of new materials that are now under the world’s spotlights.

To set your table with style and respecting nature

Gabbiano has been involved for years in the search for materials that combine the practicality of disposables with sustainability and respect for the environment and, we are now offering consumers an ecological alternative to disposable plastic. Our new product line of disposables, can be returned to nature after use without causing any damage to the environment.

Decorated compostable sets

The compostable decorated plates are designed to stimulate those who are organizing a picnic outdoors, family lunch, dinner with friends or simply to live every day the joy of an original table set with taste and style respecting the environment.

The shape has a sophisticated and very elegant design.

The four decorations are all characterized by simplicity and freshness.

The products can be disposed of directly as organic waste and composted within 90 days.

Even the decorated glasses are compostable, while the napkins are made of cellulose wadding.

White&Colors line

The new White & Colors line of dishes was created to respond to a clear and precise market demand: a cheap and an environment friendly product.

Made of the highest quality materials, this plates combine the white and unicolour simplicity with the particular attention in the production execurion.


Originality, quality and practicality come together in the new line of Perla Festa ComposTable accessories, with the aim of obtaining a complete range for any type of party and anniversary respecting the environment that surrounds us.

  • Compostable cutlery
    The Gabbiano range of compostable cutlery is designed and produced entirely in Italy.Made from Mater-Bi, this cutlery combines lightness and strength in a unique and original design. It withstands temperatures of 90°C, maintains its rigidity with both solids and liquids, and is resistant to water and oil.
  • Compostable straws
    The Gabbiano line of compostable straws is produced entirely in Italy. There are available in both “natural” and a colour range that is currently unique on the market.
  • Compostable glasses
    Gabbiano compostable glasses are ideal for any occasion.
    Made in PLA and produced in Italy.
  • Compostable finger food
    The new Gabbiano line of compostable finger food tableware for an all-natural aperitif or buffet.
    Made in PLA and produced in Italy.
  • 100% recycled napkins
    The 100% recycled napkins are produced with 100% recycled fibers and using clean energy, therefore using renewable sources such as water, wind and sun.
    It is important to know that the colour that characterizes these napkins is natural and is not the result of a print or coloring.

Perlafesta Christmas

The new collection of Perlafesta Christmas products is designed to stimulate and convince all those who want to set the table of their dreams for the most important celebration of the year. Coordinated sets designed to satisfy all possible targets and tastes.

Decoplas decorated plates

The exclusive DECOPLAS, the special Gabbiano patented material, allows the creation of disposable plastic plates with decoration in the middle. This line is 100% recyclable and, unlike printed plastic plates commonly found on the market, attuned to the growing demand for products with low environmental impact.

Solid colour MixUp plates

The quality of MixUp plates and glasses is top notch. To guarantee maximum practicality of use, the classic round shape has been developed with an original and effective design, obtaining an excellent plate consistency.
3 formats to give maximum choice to consumers.

  • They can be used multiple times
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • They are suitable for use in microwave oven

Cups are made of soft-touch PP with frosty effect, which is particularly refined and elegant.

All products are 100% recyclable in plastic collection containers.

Cartotech decorated plates

The shape of the Cartotech plates is in harmony with the MixUp plates of the Perlafesta Collection

The Cartotech technique is the only one on the market that allows shaping plates without compromising their raw material: in this way, plates are much more resistant to warm food than any other cardboard plate available on the market today.

Further added value are the perfect reproduction of the decoration, which is completely legible, and the generous extra-large sizes (ø 29, 24, 20), made to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

Cartotech solid colour plates

The brilliance and strength of BRILLIANT RED blend with the magic of GOLD METAL.
Two essential coordinated sets to create a dream table and of incomparable elegance.

ComposTable decorated plates

In line with the growing demand for products that respect the environment, Gabbiano presents an absolute novelty in the disposable product market: COMPOSTABLE DECORATED PLATES.

The compostable plate an be disposed of directly in the ORGANIC waste, without the need to wash it or discard food residues first, unlike any other disposable plate on the market, be it plastic or cardboard, which must instead be disposed of into plastic, paper or undifferentiated waste.

A compostable product, namely a product that turns into a natural fertilizer called compost, has a decomposition process of less than three months.

This is possible thanks to the particular patented manufacturing procedure, which makes it possible to couple the cardboard with a bio compostable film without using synthetic glues.

The difference with BIODEGRADABLE is in the timing. To be defined biodegradable 90% of a product must decompose within 6 months.

Also the CUPS of the new collection are part of the family of compostable products and, as such, can be disposed of in the ORGANIC waste bin.

NAPKINS made with recycled paper complete the collection.

CartoPiù Decorated Plates

The round shape and the completely smooth mould enhance designs and the quality of the material used. They match perfectly with the Brilliant Red Solid Colour and Metal Gold coordinates. They are made predominantly of non-recycled virgin fibres with a high percentage of pure cellulose.


Original and unique, the tablecloths of the collection are perfectly matched with all collection coordinates. Proposed in gold and red, they are ideal for party tables.

Classic napkins

Made with pure 2-ply cellulose wadding, they have been designed to cover a new market segment. Featuring a modern design, they stand out for their excellent quality-price ratio and for the interesting display systems that perfectly meet the needs of the whole Modern Distribution.

MixUp Accessories

Originality and practicality are the ingredients that we have privileged in creating MixUp accessories, with the aim of obtaining a complete range for any type of party and event.